Crèche Manager Laura Ward Opening Hours Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm

Phone 0429756996 / 9756633

Address: Town Park, Castleblayney Road, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan



The children have a varied, nutritious and suitable diet which meets their individual needs. Any child who attends the crèche for half day or a full day will get a cooked dinner.


Breakfast 8am – 8.50am

Mid-Morning Snack 10am

Dinner 12pm

Rising Stars Dinner 2.15pm

Evening Tea 3pm

Dinner Shining Stars 3.15pm


We have a 4 week rotating menu that will provide the children with a planned balanced menu.  The menu is displayed on a whiteboard outside the kitchen for your information.


We have a list of allergens noted on the Menu board every day.  Please note we are not responsible for any foods parents bring to crèche.


We welcome suggestions from Parents for ideas of nutritious meals.


We ask that where possible parents avoid collecting their child during meal times as this may cause disruption.  


Breakfast Club


We provide a Breakfast Club from 8 am – 9 am daily, and serve breakfast from 8 am until 8.45 am. This can be pre booked for any child.


After Breakfast Club we also escort the school aged children attending both Ballybay Central School and Scoil Eanna over to their school for 9.15am.


Please do not take your child into the breakfast club at or after 8.50am for breakfast, as breakfast will have stopped by then and children will be getting ready to move into their rooms -the children’s activities start in their rooms at 9am.


After School Mealtimes


Any of the children that attend our after school service will be provided with a hot meal at 2.15pm for Junior Classes and other classes at 3.15pm.  After school children are entitled to attend breakfast club/school drop off on the day they attend afterschool


Any child that has any specific dietary requirements, for health, social or religious reasons will be accommodated.

We consider that all meal times to be an important social occasion.   Children and staff will eat together to encourage good eating habits, stimulate conversation and enhance the quality of the interaction.


It is against our policies that children will be forced to eat any food. This would be an infringement to a Childs Rights and we will always respect the rights of any child.






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Thank you all so much for taking care of Anna and Séan throughout the year.  We are very grateful for all the love and support they have been given, especially in the Shining Stars, Rainbow and Butterfly rooms which our children attended.  Séan who is a bit of a home bird found it difficult to make the move from home to Preschool but this didn’t last long because of all the support given to him by everyone in the Rainbow room.  He is now ready for BIG school and everything you have all done is very much appreciated.  Kieran and Eiméar Leonard.